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Wholesale Beads Jewelry Silver Wholesale Beads Jewelry India Wholesale Beads Jewelry One store for your entire Beads requirement at wholesale prices. Sourcing a Gemstone beads was not that easy before wholesalebeadsjewelry.com. This unique site enables us to cater the entire requirement which need to source their beads on single online store. In this site we have made many sections and sub section for beads and Stones.
What is the meaning of beads:- In simple language a beads is a sort of loose gemstone (of any shape and size mostly found in round shape) which has one hole so that a string can pass through. So jeweler or artisan can use them to make diff type of jewelry. Some people use beads to use in jewelry pieces like rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelet some uses them to decorate their clothes and accessories like personal handbags, mobiles and belts. In-fact some people in Japan use beads to use as a curtain for windows in there home as well as to add beauty in their bathroom decoration.

What is meaning of real Gemstone beads:- Today there of lot of beads available in market such as CZ beads, Synthetic beads, glass beads, crystal beads, unreal beads Murano glass beads, Venetian glass beads, Swarovski Crystals, Japanese Delica (Miyuki) and Czech seed beads, Ceramic beads (Greek). These all are man made or called them made by machine and chemical process. And Real gemstones beads it is from earth and natural in substance. All the beads all real original gemstone. Nothing is made by man or machine. The major diff between a real gemstone beads and any other beads is when you touch the beads you feel stones are cold. But unreal stones will not be cold they are wither natural or hot in compare with real gemstone stone beads. Wholesale Beads Jewelry Silver Wholesale Beads Jewelry India The second major difference in prices. Simply a real beads will be expensive then a man made beads. As it require a lot of effort to get that rough gemstone and then make t smaller piece and then people give shape on beads by hand and then they use thread to tie all the stone to make a beads. These require lot of labor work and time and cost. Hence the total cost if higher then unreal beads. Still people love real things as we are real people with real hearts and original thing comes on a price but surely it give more confidence and satisfaction comparable to unreal beads. Third major difference is sparkling. If you get a chance use unreal beads or Synthetic diamond and real diamond together and see in them in same light. You will notice that unreal diamond is sparking more and like a glass and you can not continue able to see it as it shows many colors in one go as well as flashy light like glass reflection comes. But in case of real stone or real diamond it is a fine smooth and single light will come with perfect tone.

Type of Beads:-
Perfectly Shaped beads Abstract/rough/uneven shape beads ( Called as Tumbles or pebbles )
Perfectly Shaped or calibrated beads :-
Cabochon beads Round cabochon beads oval cabochon beads drop shape beads . tear drop shape beads fancy shape Faceted beads Israel cutting round beads Square beads Rectangular beads Triangle beads Oval beads
Fancy beads Kite style beads
Abstract/rough/uneven shape beads ( Called as Tumbles or pebbles )
cabochon tumble uncut chips Fancy tumbles faceted tumble Chiclets / flat tumble fancy tumbles Wholesale Beads Jewelry Silver Wholesale Beads Jewelry India These Stones beads we have to offer African Opal Beads Agate Beads Agate (Crazy Lace Agate) Beads Amazonite Beads
Amber Beads Amethyst Beads Ametrine Beads Apatite Beads
Aquamarine Beads Aventurine Beads Aventurine (Red Aventurine) Beads
Black Onyx Beads Blue Goldstone Beads Blue Lace Agate Beads
Blue Quartz Beads Blue Topaz Beads Bronzite Beads Carnelian Dark Beads Carnelian Natural Beads Cat’s Eye Beads Cherry Quartz Beads
Cherry Quartz Glass Beads Chrysoprase Beads Citrine Beads Clear Quartz Beads Cognac Quartz Beads Coral Beads Feldspath (Pink Feldspath) Beads
Fluorite Beads Fossil Coral Beads Garnet Beads Garnet (Grossular Garnet) Beads Garnet (Orange Garnet) Beads Goldstone Beads Howlite Beads
Hypersthene Beads Iolite Beads Jade (Korean Jade) Beads Jade (New Jade) Beads Jade (Olive Jade) Beads Jasper (Black Line Jasper) Beads
Jasper (Horse Eye) Beads Jasper (Leopard Skin Jasper) Beads Jasper (Ocean Jasper) Beads Jasper (Picture Jasper) Beads Jasper (Poppy Jasper) Beads Jasper (Rainbow Jasper) Beads Jasper (Red Jasper) Beads
Jasper (Silver Leaf Jasper) Beads Jasper (Wood Jasper) Beads Kyanite Beads Labradorite Beads Lapis Lazuli Beads Lemon Quartz Beads
Moonstone Beads Moss Agate Beads Mother of Pearl Beads
Peridot Beads Peruvian Opal Beads Prunite Beads Quartz Beads
Rhodonite Beads Rose Quartz Beads Ruby Beads Rutile Quartz Beads
Sapphire Beads Serpentine (Russian Serpentine) Beads Smokey Quartz Beads Snowflake Obsidian Beads Sodalite Beads Tiger Eye Beads
Tiger Eye (Blue) Beads Tiger Eye (Red) Beads Tourmalated Quartz Beads
Tourmaline Beads Tsavorite Beads Turquoise Beads Unakite Beads
Vesonite Beads Wood Beads Zoisite Beads We are wholesale bead manufacturer and bead distributor from India . we are supplying beads to customers worldwide . Our www.wholesalebeadsjewelry.com is designed specifically to serve owners of Bead Shop, Bead Store, Craft Supply Store, Jewelry Makers, Jewelry Designers, Beaded Craft makers, Online Bead sellers, businesses that supply beads to their customers and other bulk beads buyers or just involved in bead business. Wholesale Beads at prices that you cannot resist. Our Prices are for businesses that buy beads in bulk for resale. Any business looking for Jewelry Making beads, Jewelry supply, Wholesale Beads, Jewelry design beads are welcome to take advantage of our services. We are committed to provide beads to you Faster, Better and Cheaper! Beads have been popular for centuries and the last decade or so has seen a marked increase in the popularity of beads in the worldwide. Today All types of beads are now being used in handmade and commercial jewelry. As our web site is specialize in selling beads of all types to individuals in the jewelry industry. In our site you will find With huge collection of finest Precious, Semi Precious Gemstones, Gemstone Beads, Briolette, Jewelry, Cabochons, Fancy Cut Shape Gems. As you buy from us, you buy direct from the manufacturers themselves. With distribution channels eliminated, you can be completely assured of reliable quality at unmatched prices. Stone Beads / Glass Beads / Amethyst Beads/Apatite Beads/Aquamarine Beads/Aventurine Beads/Black Onyx Beads//Blue Gold Stone Beads/Blue Lace Agate Beads/Blue Onyx Beads//Blue Tiger Eye Beads/ Blue Topaz Beads/Chalcedony Beads/Chrysophrase Beads/Citrine Beads/Cornelian Beads/Crystal Beads/ Fire Opal Beads/Flat Pearl Beads//Fresh Water Pearl Bead/Garnet Beads/Gold Stone Beads//Green Jade Beads/Hessonite Beads//Iolite Beads/Iron Jasper Beads//Kyanite Beads/Laborite Beads//Lapis Beads/ Lemon Jade Beads/Lemon Quartz Beads/Lemon Topaz Beads/Malachite Beads/Moon Stone Beads/ New Jade Beads/Pearl Baroque Beads/Pearl Drops Beads/Pearl Fancy Beads/Pearl Kesh Beads/Picture Jasper Beads/Red Jade Beads/Red Jasper Beads/Rock Crystal Beads/Rose Quartz Beads/Sapphire Beads/Smokey Quartz Beads/Tourmaline Beads/Indian Silver Beads/Bali Beads/Clasp Beads/Gold Plated Beads/Multiple Beads/Seamless Beads//Silver Stone Beads/Toggal Beads Save our site as bookmark www.wholesalebeadsjewelry.com Wholesale Beads Jewelry Silver Wholesale Beads Jewelry India

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